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International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad(SR – Vojvođanska banka Serbia)

The International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad will be held from 11 to 17 May as one of the most important exhibitions of agriculture in Central and South Eastern Europe. OTP Bank continues its presence in Serbia under the name of Vojvođanska banka participating in the Agricultural Fair since 2010. Vojvođanska banka offer its banking servicesÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. for all clients of Serbian agro sector.

03. 05. 2019.

Welcome to Albania (AL – OTP Bank Albania)

The OTP Group, one of the largest providers of independent financial services in Central and Eastern Europe, has now entered the Albanian market as the 10th country where OTP is present.

CEO of OTP Group, Dr. Sándor Csányi stressed: “We believe in the development of Albania, in the bright future of this country, a future that we want to support with our means.” “It remains one of the top priorities for all of us to provide superior service to our customers, partners.” – added Mr. Bledar Shella , General Director of OTP Bank Albania. The speeches emphasized the support of OTP Bank AlbaniaÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. for small, medium, and large business as well as future financing for projects ranging from agriculture, tourism, hydropower etc.

25. 04. 2019.

Dedicated Agro Business Line in OTP Bank Serbia (SR – OTP Bank Serbia)

Agro Business Line has started in OTP banka Srbija as the second agro business unit among the foreign members of OTP Group focusing on agro sectorÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. clients. As a result of the integration with Vojvođanska banka Agro Business will also serve agro clients with greater opportunities.

09. 04. 2019.

New website for Bulgaria Agribusiness - DSK Agro (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

DSK Bank implements complex approach through new specialize website of DSK AgroÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. to the Agrobusiness segment. The development of the site is one of the most important step for our successful partnership with Agrobusiness. The main goal of the site is to offer quick and qualitative financial solutions to agribusiness as well as an individual approach based on high knowledge of the specifics of their business. DSK Bank is the first financial institution, offers such kind of information approach in Bulgaria.

If you are interested in our website (Új lapon nyíló tartalom.) you could send us specific analyses or helpful technolog which we are able to publish on it.

Please send us

09. 04. 2019.

InteliFresh 2019 with DSK Bank (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

DSK Bank Bulgaria will be official partner for second consecutive year of one of the largest international forums for fruits & vegetables in Bulgaria – InteliFresh 2019. The purpose of the event is to match Bulgarian fruits & vegetable producers with vendors or processors from the region. DSK Bank’s clients of the production and processing segment have a great opportunity to find new partners.The event will take place 22 February in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during the International Agricultural Exhibition.

15. 02. 2019.

AGRA Plovdiv with DSK Bank (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The international agricultural fair AGRA Plovdiv 2019 is the most prestigious agri-forum on the Bulgaria will take place 20-24 February 2019 in Plovdiv, demonstrating the modern trends in the sectors of plant growing, machinery and equipment, seedlings, plant protection chemicals, livestock breeding, machinery, installations, veterinary medicine, packing and services) DSK Bank’s participation will be focused on consulting and supporting agricultural producers who search financing during the exhibition.

09. 12. 2018.

Dedicated Agro Business Line in OTP Bank Croatia (HR – OTP Bank Croatia)

New Agro Business Line has started in the successfully integrated OTP banka Hrvatska. This is the first separated business unit among the foreign members of OTP Group focusing on clients in agro sectorÚj lapon nyíló tartalom..

07. 12. 2018.

8-th Bulgarian National Agro Seminar (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The DSK Bank supported the „8-th National Agro Seminar“ organized by the Association of Bulgarian Grain producers in Bulgaria with motto „ Grain producers at a crossroad“. The bank was the only finance institution which participated during the event. The main focus of the event was: new Command Agricultural Policy of European Union, new technology and challenges.The Association of Bulgarian Grain producers has more than 2 000 members who cultivate near 30 % of the arable land in Bulgaria. The event was run on 29, 30 November in Plovdiv.

07. 12. 2018.

Meatmania in Sofia (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

Meatmania, The World of Milk Bulpek, Salon de Vin, Interfood & Drink and Sihre, the largest exhibition of food industry and Horeca sector in Bulgaria will take place 7-10 November 2018 in Sofia. DSK Bank BulgariaÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. is going to be among the exhibitors showing in Inter Expo Center. The Bank’s participation is to support our clients who search for financing and consulting during the exhibition. DSK Bank Bulgaria is ready to organize B2B meetings with partners from Bulgarian industries in its stand during the exhibition. For B2B send an email. For more about exhibitions click hereÚj lapon nyíló tartalom..

01. 10. 2018.

African Swine Fever - the Romanian case (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

Europe is currently strongly affected by the African Swine Fever. Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have confirmed African Swine Fever cases. Romania is one of the most affected countries, with a total number of approx. 900 outbreaks, in 13 counties.
The Romanian authorities have taken several steps to liquidate the outbreaks and to prevent the spreading of the African Swine Fever over the country. Among the veterinary measures: sanitary and epidemiological prophylaxis ones (pigs quarantine before joining a community, rigorous import policies, control of pigs movements within the areas, etc.), establishment of protection and surveillance areas, pigs slaughtering and neutralizing of risk materials, cleaning and disinfection, prevention of virus spreading through vectors, etc. Over 230,000 pigs have been slaughtered to date according to the official statistics.
The farmers whose pigs have been sacrificed will be compensated by the Romanian State, while the Subsidies within measure 14 – Animals welfare – will be paid from European Funds for the period between January 1st, 2018 and the date of outbreaks occurrence.Romania has also requested technical and financial support from the European Commission to reduce the impact of this disease. According to the European Commission Representatives, approx. 75% of the pigs grown in EU households are in Romania. During his recent work visit in Romania, Phil Hogan, the European Commissioner for Agriculture has mentioned that the country will get further support regarding the monitoring measures, veterinary services, and research. He added that the focus on short-term is to stop the disease from further spreading locally, as the African Swine Fever has an impact both on the neighboring countries and the commercial trade with pig meat in EU and worldwide. On long-term, EUR 10 Mio. will be allocated in 2019 for a vaccine research.

24. 09. 2018.

Record wheat crops in 2018 for the Romanian farmers (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

According to the Agriculture Romanian Ministry, the wheat crops harvested reached 10.2 million tons in 2018, with 2.3% above the one registered in 2017. The quantity is really exceptional, taking into consideration the extreme weather that affected the country this year. Nevertheless, there are several reasons that supported the local farmers to have good crops: improved technical endowment enriched also through a significant part of European Funds, SAPS subsidies, increased surface cultivated with wheat, equipment farmers accessed in order to easily follow the vegetation phases, work schedule etc.
Important increases have been obtained also for barley, with 1,3 million tons in 2018.

24. 09. 2018.

Top 5 cereal traders in Romania according to their net profit (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

The top 5 cereals traders active in Romania reported the net profit in 2017, according to the official data published by Romania Finance Minister. With a turnover of approx. EUR 635.5 Mio, The Swiss company Ameropa Grains became the market leader, surpassing the American entity ADM Romania Trading, that ended on the second place with a turnover of app. EUR 622.3 Mio. The top 5 is completed by COFCO (China) with EUR 557 Mio, Cargill (USA) with app. EUR 490 Mio and Glencore (Switzerland), with EUR 374 Mio.

24. 09. 2018.

Agricultural Crop Receipts in Ukraine (UA – OTP Bank Ukraine)

In March 2017 OTP Bank Ukraine successfully joined to IFC project named “Agricultural Crop Receipts in Ukraine” providing innovative collateral in farm financing. As of September 2018 there are 674 Agricultural Crop Receipts issued in Ukraine totaling UAH 4,300 m (USD 153 m). OTP Bank Ukraine arranged 140 Crop Receipts for its agro clients totaling UAH 605 m (USD 21.6 m) which allowed the Bank to take the first place among Ukrainian banks.

05. 09. 2018.

International Autumn Bjelovar Fair (HR – OTP Bank Croatia)

The 26th International Autumn Bjelovar Fair and National Livestock Exhibition will be held 7-9 September as the most important exhibition of agriculture in Croatia. Each year Bjelovar Fair has more than 500 exhibitors and more than 50 000 visitors. National Livestock Exhibition is the only exhibition of that kind in Croatia. OTP Bank Croatia developing its new Agro Business Line will participate in the Fair with its own stand for the first time.

03. 09. 2018.

Subsidies by the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 (HU – OTP Bank Hungary)

EU budget proposal for the period 2021-2027 was published 2 May this year and on 1 June the legislative plans of the Common Agricultural Policy were also availableÚj lapon nyíló tartalom.. Regulations proposed by the Commission are not final and significant changes may come during the discussions. in cooperation with partner distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Thinner envelopes

The CAP's overall budget is declining and the CAP's share in the EU budget will be around 30%. The envelope of each country will be thinner. In Pillar I including area payments and in Pillar II including rural development nearly 20-30% decline may happen in 2018 pricesÚj lapon nyíló tartalom.. Decreasing Community resources could be somewhat compensated by increasing national co-financing rates within the framework of the Rural Development Program.
In Pillar I the EU will continue to finance 100% of the subsidies. Direct subsidies will have a maximum of EUR 100,000 per farm and from EUR 60,000 degressivity should be used. It is very important that wages and salaries and their public charges should be taken into account and these amounts will be added to 100,000 euros. Therefore, the total amount of direct payments must first be decreased by wages and salaries then degressivity and capping must be applied. Then wages, salaries and costs should be added back resulting the total amount of direct payment per annum for a given farm.
As a condition of area-based subsidy the Commission's proposal would require fulfillment of enhanced environmental and climate protection requirements. At the same time the present system of greening would be stopped.

The structure would remain

In case of small agricultural holdings it will still be possible to apply for basic income support in the form of lump sum annual flat-rate subsidies.
An important goal is to promote generational renewal. Therefore, a minimum of 2% of the direct subsidies should be used to support young farmers which can be implemented by the Member States through granting of additional support and rural development support.
According to the draft subsidies connected to production would be reduced. Member States may spend 10% of their budget for the support of such sectors and additional 2% for the support of the protein sectors instead of 13 + 2% in the current period.
The Commission also plans that the farmers may apply for similar rural development measures in the next financial period such as now. The EU would reduce the proportion of EU funds to 70% in less developed regions and 43% in other regions (instead of the current 85% and 53%). It would be required that Member States allocate at least 30% of their rural development resources to environmental and climate protection objectives, at least 5% of LEADER Community development and up to 4% of the technical assistance tasks supporting the implementation of the CAP.
The Commission would give prominent role to the advisory systems that need to provide producers with up-to-date information and knowledge. To support the implementation of CAP Strategic Plans at both EU and national level, CAP Networks will be established.

The schedule can slip

According to the EU legislative plan the process would reach the end in May 2019. However we believe that this is likely to be delayed. Due to the EU 2019 elections and the formation of the new Commission it is likely that transitional regulation will be necessary.

29.06.2018, OTP Agrár.huÚj lapon nyíló tartalom.

09. 08. 2018.

International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad (SR – OTP Bank Serbia)

The International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, this year held from 15 to 21 May has been the largest and most important exhibition of agriculture in Central and South Eastern Europe for 85 years. Its present modern concept stimulates transnational and business cooperation, integrates improvement of knowledge, production and development of science. OTP Bank Serbia has been participating in the Agricultural Fair since 2010. As special offer OTP Bank Serbia will promote loans without interest in cooperation with partner distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment.

02. 05. 2018.

Bata Agro with DSK Bank (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The international agricultural fair Bata Agro 2018 is the largest exhibition in Bulgaria which will take place in the period between 15 May 2018 to 18 May 2018 in Stara Zagora (Új lapon nyíló tartalom.). DSK Bank’s participation will be focused on consulting and supporting agricultural producers who search financing during the exhibition. The clients of the Bank, who will be interested in innovative equipment and machinery during the exhibition will also be able to use sophisticated product InnovFinÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. SME Guarantee Facility by EIF. DSK Bank invites clients to visit the exhibition and our stand and we will be ready to organize B2B meetings with partners from Bulgarian industries. Please send us email:

20. 04. 2018.

Prospects for the market of Bulgarian essential-oil crops (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The growing interest in Bulgarian essential-oil crops requires farmers to take informed decisions about their business. In this connection, DSK Bank organizes a seminar with topic “Prospects for the market of Bulgarian essential-oil crops“. It will take place:

• on 7th March 2018
• Start time 10:30h.
• Place Dobrich town, Hotel Izida

For more information, please contact us at:

20. 01. 2018.

OTP Agro Cross Border Business Forum (HU – OTP Bank Hungary)

Our next OTP Agro Cross Border Business Forum will take place in Visegrád in February for top agro clients of the neighboring regions of OTP Bank Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.The forum is to present OTP Group’s agro focus and to provide floor for B2B meetings of our clients.

20. 01. 2018.

Common Agricultural Policy in Varna (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The sixth annual summit of the agricultural producers in Bulgaria presents innovations in the sphere of farming and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU through various presentations and useful discussions on disputable issues. The participants are representatives of the business, public organizations and NGOs. The event is scheduled for 14-16 February, 2018 in Golden Sands, Varna. DSK Bank will contact potential clients through B2B meetings. For more information:Új lapon nyíló tartalom.

15. 01. 2018.

Innovations and good practices for farms (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

The farm is a specialized forum for innovations and good practices by representatives of the main branch organizations in Bulgaria. On this event, the farmers could become familiar with the possibilities for implementation of new technologies in the grain production, fruit production and organic farming. The event will take place on January 30, 2018 in Stara Zagora and DSK Bank will participate also as the only supporting bank.

15. 01. 2018.

Agricultural loans up to 5% from OTP Bank Russia (RU – OTP Bank Russia)

OTP Bank Russia has been qualified to receive state compensation for agricultural loans up to 5% preferential interest rate. Igor Belomicev, Vice President of the Board of Directors, said that in the framework of the Agro Project launched at OTP Bank Russia existing loan products will be aligned with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture. OTP Bank Russia will finance seasonal loan requirements for the purchase of milk, meat, feed and veterinary medicinal products. MoreÚj lapon nyíló tartalom.

03. 01. 2018.

OTP Agro wishes Happy Holidays for all of its Agro Clients(HU – OTP Bank Hungary)

In the nine countries of OTP Group all farmers and agro companies are at the end of another busy year. Sun, wind, rain, markets, regulations and people made it hard (as always) and now winter season lets you a short break. OTP Agro is proud to do business with you and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

15. 12. 2017.

OTP Bank Romania together with the 300 biggest Romanian farmers in RALF (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

The Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum (RALFÚj lapon nyíló tartalom.) has taken place in November 9th in Bucharest for the largest Romanian farmers. The forum benefited by the participation of excellent speakers representing : Michael Dorr Gmbh from Germany, the Farmer of the Year Ceres Award, Anson Family Farm, Chief Industries Inc, DuPont Pioneer Europe, Carmeuse, Titan Machinery or Agrifac. The case studies, business models, best practices and key success elements have been very well received by more than 300 large Romanian farmers.

15. 11. 2017.

How to support small businesses in Slovakia (SK – OTP banka Slovakia)

Conference concerning Forms of Support of Small and Medium Enterprises including Agro clients, organized by OTP banka Slovakia under the auspices of Hungarian Embassy in Slovakia and Slovak-Hungarian Trade and Industrial Chamber, will take place on November 23, 2017 in Hotel Therma, Priemyselná ul. 4, Dunaszerdahely. RegistrationÚj lapon nyíló tartalom. until 21 November 2017, contact: Mgr. Eszter Takács,, +421 908 916 131.

10. 11. 2017.

Meatmania with DSK Bank (BG – DSK Bank Bulgaria)

Meatmania, The World of Milk Bulpek, Salon de Vin, Interfood & Drink and Sihre, the largest exhibition in food industry and Horeca sector in Bulgaria will take place between 8-11 November 2017 in Sofia. DSK BankBulgaria is going to be among the exhibitors showing in Inter Expo Center/Sofia. Our participation is connected to consulting and support of our clients (companies and citizens) who search financing and consulting during the exhibition.DSK Bank Bulgaria invites clients to visit the exhibition and is ready to organize B2B meetings with partners from Bulgarian industries. If you search partner from Bulgaria we can organize meetings in our stand during the exhibition. Please send us email: More about exhibitions click here:Új lapon nyíló tartalom.

15. 09. 2017.

RALF for Top Romanian farmers (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

The Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum, RALFÚj lapon nyíló tartalom., an event dedicated to the Top 300 large Romanian farmers, will take place on 9 November 2017 in Bucharest. There are expected farmers from USA, Argentine, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Belarus and of course Romania, for presenting examples of success, business models, good practices from farming, case studies, etc. The Corporate Division of OTP Bank will participate to RALF since the event is dedicated to the biggest 300 Romanian farmers, having an opportunity to meet directly its core target on Agribusiness.

25. 10. 2017.

OTP Bank Romania in Indagra Fair (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

INDAGRA, the biggest and important agricultural event in Romania will take place between 25-29 October 2017 in Bucharest.OTP Bank Romania supports its clients by financing up to 130% of the amounts due from SAPS through its unique product on the Romanian banking market. Within Indagra Fair 2017 OTP Bank Romania specialists offer free advice, both for accessing European funds as well as for contracting any products and services specific to this segment.

15. 09. 2017.

Loan and insurance for farmers (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

OTP Bank Romania launches two unique financing products on the market dedicated to SME clients, in partnership with Groupama Asigurari.Depending on the farmers financing needs two products were developed:Your Season Loan - without mortgage, the product being guaranteed exclusively by the policy issued by Groupama Asigurari.Your Season Loan - partially guaranteed, with only 50% additional guarantees, being partially guaranteed based on insurance policy issued by Groupama Asigurari.

15. 09. 2017.

OTP Agro – Cross Border Business Forum (HU – OTP Bank Hungary)

A cross border agro forum will take place in Szeged for the key agro clients of OTP Group in the neighboring regions of the Great Plain from Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

The event is to present OTP Group’s agro focus and to provide floor for B2B meetings for clients.

05. 09. 2017.

Agrokomplex with OTP Bank Slovakia (SK – OTP Bank Slovakia)

This year 44th international agricultural and food exhibition in Nitra, Agrokomplex is one of the largest agro fairs in Slovakia. OTP Bank Slovakia was among the exhibitors showing its services and agro focus.

17. 08. 2017.

OTP Bank acquired Vojvodjanska Bank from National Bank of Greece in Serbia (SR – OTP Bank Serbia)

OTP Bank will have a 5.7% market share in Serbia and become the 7th biggest bank.

Vojvodjanska banka brings 1,405 employees and 105 branches to the merge with OTP banka Srbija.

04. 08. 2017.

OTP Bank bought Banca Romaneasca from National Bank of Greece in Romania (RO – OTP Bank Romania)

OTP will have around 4% market share and become the 8th largest bank in Romania. The two branch networks will mainly complement each other serving both private and corporate clients.

27. 07. 2017.

OTP Bank bought Croatia’s Splitska Banka from France’s Societe Generale (HR – OTP Bank Hrvatska)

OTP Bank has been present in Croatia since 2005. It will integrate Splitska banka with OTP banka Hrvatska by the summer of 2018.

Splitska banka is the fifth-biggest bank in Croatia. As a result of the acquisition, OTP Bankʼs market share will rise to about 10% being the 4th biggest bank.

21. 12. 2016.